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You already recently rated this item. Your rating has been recorded. Write a review Rate this item: 1 2 3 4 5. Preview this item Preview this item. Subjects Biomedical materials. Musculoskeletal Physiological Phenomena. Page J Guicheux Stem cells and biomaterials for the regenerative medicine of intervertebral disc: From clinical data to innovative concepts. Page J Dai From idea to first-in-human trials: Collagen scaffolds for spinal cord repair. Page J Borges Bottom-up layer-by-layer assembly technology to process nanostructured multifunctional biomaterials across multiple length scales for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine strategies.

Page JF Mano Compartmentalization of cells and therapeutic molecules into soft polymeric structures for bottom-up tissue engineering strategies. Page J Salber Novel gram-positive bacteria killing cubosomes with high eukaryotic cytocompatibility — Insights into an interesting lesson from nature. Page J Wojta Monocyte subsets and macrophage polarization in cell migration and tissue remodeling.

Page J Hilborn Extracellular matrix derived components as building blocks for tough hydrogels. Page JC Heikoop Mimicking the tissue specific extracellular matrix composition by medical electrospinning. Page J Groll 3D printable hydrogel-bioinks: Rheological implications and the importance of controlled network formation.

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Page J Kzhyshkowska Programming of macrophages as the immunomodulatory approach in implantation. Page JJ Cooper-White Exploiting the nexus between biomaterial mechanics, tissue mechanics and gene therapy for enhanced tissue genesis and repair. Page K Schenke-Layland Nidogen-1 improves cardiac function post myocardial infarction via synergistic angiogenesis, neurogenesis, scar modulation and immune response.

Page K Velonia Benchtop grafting of protein-polymer bioconjugates in the absence of external deoxigenation — Synthesis and applications. Page K Suzuki Biomaterial-driven in situ transplantation of mesenchymal stromal cells for myocardial repair. Page KE Healy Human organs chips for drug development, disease modeling, and more…. Page L Muller Angiogenic properties of dental pulp stem cells for tissue engineering. Page L Rimondini No antibiotics biomaterials funtionalization to prevent and fight implants associated infections.

Page L Geris Combining in vitro and in silico models in regenerative medicine: A digital twin for perfusion bioreactor processes. Page L Adler-Abramovich Learning from nature to form new organic materials for tissue regeneration. Page L Gijzen 3D NephroScreen: High throughput drug-induced nephrotoxicity screening on a proximal tubule-on-a-chip model.

Page L Moroni Biofabrication: A tool set to study biology in 3D with applications in regenerative medicine and in vitro models. Page L Ambrosio Functional injectable biomaterials for minimally invasive surgery. Page M Rielland Promises and future of bioprinting technic in cosmetic evaluation.

Page MJ Biggs Glyco-functionalised neural interface coatings through heparan sulphate mimetics. Page M Thurner Engineering complex bio architectures to biomimic nature: A step closer to the development of artificial organs. Page M Thio Electrospinning as a method for biomaterial manufacturing: An industry perspective.

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Page M Lagarkova Using induced pluripotent stem cells to model neurodegenerative diseases. Page ME Barabas Enhance your science writing and publishing Page M Rubert From cell-laden bone tissue engineering to personalized bone organoids. Page M van Griensven Enthesis regeneration using topographical cues and stem cells. Page M Moretti Co-cultured complex 3D miniaturized and vascularized models for metastatic processes and drug investigations. Page M Santin Synthetic basement membrane analogues induce the formation of 3D tissue-like structures in 2D cultures.

Page MN Collins Engineered fibre and gel composite materials as potential bioinks. Page M Griffith Designing biosynthetic corneal implants for clinical application. Page M Detamore Will chondroinductive materials revolutionize cartilage regeneration? Page M Gasik Mechanobiology revisited: From phenomena to design of the biomaterial-tissue interface.

Page M Monaghan Hybrid electroconductive platforms for the generation of mature cardiac organoids. Page MD Castilho Advanced tissue manufacturing strategies and applications in soft tissue repair. Page JM Oliveira Engineering protein- and polysaccharide-based bioinks for bioprinting of personalised implants. Page MM Martino Controlling the immune system to promote tissue regeneration — From inflammatory cytokines to regulatory T cells. Page N Kawazoe Collagen scaffolds with sustained insulin release and controlled pore structure for tissue engineering.

Page N Sarvazyan Hands-on tissue engineering course for students from various educational backgrounds — A Fulbright-funded experience in Yerevan, Armenia. Page N Khani Transforming scaffold designs from university to industry — A bench-to-bedside perspective. Page ND Evans Nanosilicate clay promotes healing in a murine model of chronic skin wounding.

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Page N. E Vrana Immunoprofiling in tissue engineering and immune assisted tissue engineering via macrophage containing scaffolds. Page NM Neves Biomaterials combined with stem cells for bone and cartilage tissue engineering. Page O Bar-Nur Modeling myogenesis in vitro using directly reprogramed induced myogenic progenitor cells. Page O Parolini Two decades of research on amniotic cells: What have we learned?

Page P Kugelmeier 3D goes clinical - Modified islet transplantation as blueprint for future 3D cell transplantation. Page P Bourgine Engineered and devitalized cartilage extracellular matrix as a bone substitute material. Page PD Dalton Intuitive design of melt electrowritten products for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Page P Gatenholm 3D bioprinting with adult stem cells Roadmap for translation to clinic.

Page P Slezak Mechanisms and characteristics of extracorporeal shock wave therapy. Page PV Hatton Functional and multi-functional devices and scaffolds for musculoskeletal tissue regeneration.

What is Tissue Engineering?

Page P Timashev Landscape of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering in Russia. Page PJ Kluger Biofabrication of different tissue models based on methacrylated gelatine. Page P Lavalle Immunomodulatory programming and antimicrobial activity by new biomaterials. Page P Gentile Bioactive nanocoatings via layer-by-layer technique to improve antibacterial properties of polymeric membranes for guided bone regeneration. Page P Layrolle Maxillo-facial bone regeneration with stem cells and biomaterials in a comparative clinical trial.

Page R Bizios Implant biomaterials in the age of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Page PR van Weeren Where civil engineering and biology meet: articular cartilage. Page R Tejero Translation of early healing principles into implant surface design for bone regeneration. Page R Gottardi Mechanical and microtopological environments to drive chondrogenesis. Page R Levato Towards the biofabrication of complex, heterogeneous bone and cartilage structures with multiple printing technologies. Page R Santos Progress towards a new biomimetic adhesive inspired by sea urchins.

Page R Masereeuw Kidney bioengineering: Can we sufficiently replace its function?

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  • Handbook of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds: Volume One. Woodhead Publishing Series in Biomaterials!
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Page S Van Vlierberghe Synthetic versus bio-inspired approaches for adipose tissue engineering. Page SJ Hollister Implementing design control for 3D printed patient specific resorbable implants: From concept to clinic. Page S Shah A clinical perspective on the future of natural polymer-based regenerative medicine. Page S Champ Innovation and commercialisation in the field of regenerative medicine: Learning from the past and lessons for the future.

Page S Diederichs Recent developments to utilize induced pluripotent stem cells for cartilage regeneration. Page S Fiorilli Advanced formulations based on multifunctional mesoporous glasses for highly targeted therapies in tissue regeneration. Page ST Andreadis Resetting the aging clock: Reprogramming stem cell rejuvenation for vascular and neural tissue regeneration.

Page SM Richardson Development of adipose stem cell-based approaches for intervertebral disc regeneration and treatment of low back pain. Page S Chubinskaya New approach to regeneration of osteochondral defects by using Agili-C cell-free scaffold. Page S Gibbs Immunocompetent skin models to emulate sensitation and allergy formation. Page SJ Kimber Approaching cartilage repair from several direction using pluripotent stem cells. Page S Wolbank The human amniotic membrane for regenerative medicine - A critical overview. Page TJ Webster Two decades of commercializing nanomedicine to aid in human health: Real patient success stories.

Page TA Rando Exercise enhances the treatment of volumetric muscle loss by stem cell transplantation. Page T Steinberg From academia to industry: A translational research approach for soft tissue regeneration. Page V Chiono Direct reprogramming of human fibroblasts as a novel tool in cardiac tissue engineering. Page VE Kagan Redox lipidomics deciphering of lipid signaling in tissue re-engineering and regeneration.

Page V Geoffroy Emerging role of extracellular vesicles in bone formation and application to bone regeneration. Page V Alonso-Camino Rapid expansion of mesenchymal stem cells using media supplemented with human platelet lysate, suitable for cGMP expansion at large scale. Page V Lefebvre Regulation of cell fate and differentiation by SOX transcription factors in skeletal development, homeostasis and disease.

Page VA Mironov Development of enabling platform technology for bioprinting of functional and vascularized endocrine human organ constructs.

Bio-Instructive Scaffolds for Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Page W Brehm Sheep and goat as model animals for cartilage repair in biomedical research. Page W Zuo Regeneration of functional human lung by distal airway stem cells: From benchside to bedside. Page W Swieszkowski Biomaterials and biofabrication methods for musculoskeletal tissue engineering. Page Y Rochev Design, fabrication and properties of smart thermoresponsive biomaterials. Page YM Bastiaansen-Jenniskens Macrophages as important players in regeneration of osteochondral defects.

Page A Omidinia-Anarkoli, R. Page A Harichandan, SB Garcia, L Moroni, CD Mota Cell synchronization and a novel kidney extracellular matrix based hydrogel promote efficient derivation of renal vesicles from human pluripotent stem cells. Page A Vernet Crua Green synthesis of a synergetic structure of tellurium nanowires and metallic nanoparticles for biomedical applications. Page A. Page AM Eissa Emulsion-templated porous polymers as scaffolds for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering.

Page A Dei, A Sampaio, W Chang, DI Zeugolis Development of serum-free culture conditions for differentiation of human bone-marrow derived mesenchymal stromal cells to tenocyte-like cells. De Luna Efficient clearance of lipoproteins from anti-coagulated and native blood-derived products to yield pure extracellular vesicle preparations.

Page A Trotier, M Biggs Flow shear stress-induced neuroinflammation to reproduce peri-electrode gliosis macro environment. Highlighting the 25th anniversary of the journal. Stevens Evaluating the effect of acidic microenvironment on human induced pluripotent stem cells-derived cardiomyocytes. Page B. Topuz1, H. Aydin Preparation of optic nerve grafts: Optimization of decellularization method.

Page B Aldemir Dikici, GC Reilly, F Claeyssens Boosting biological performance of multiscale porous scaffolds by in vitro generated extracellular matrix decoration. Page D Olvera, M Sohrabi, G Hendy, M Monghan Melt electrospinning writing of polycaprolactone-based scaffolds as electroconductive matrices for cardiac tissue engineering.

Page E Babaliari, P Kavatzikidou, A Mitraki, A Ranella, E Stratakis Cellular responses under static and dynamic conditions of polymeric micropatterned substrates fabricated via ultrafast laser direct writing. Page E Rompen, E Dory, F Lambert Novel production process of xenograft demonstrates safety, biological and preclinical performance. Page E Pugliese, DI Zeugolis A novel multi-layer functionalized collagen scaffold to regenerate the tendon-to-bone interface.

Mielan1, A. Zima1, E. Page G Monaco, M Alini, A El Haj, MJ Stoddart Hyaluronan supplemented culture media significantly increases early chondrogenesis glycosaminoglycan synthesis and reduces the upregulation of collagen X in a stem cell-based implant. Page HM Larsson, M Cantoni, MS Zielinski Label-free intrinsic cathodoluminescence resolves spectral signatures of highly heterogeneous tissue isolated collagen scaffolds.

Page H Hoyle, S Przyborski Improvement of three-dimensional liver tissue models through the development of a novel perfusion culture system.

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  4. Page HC Su, TC Sung, A Higuchi Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into cardiomyocytes cultured on thermo-responsive polymer coated with extracellular matrix. Page H Choi, Y Jo,H Cha Magnetically-responsive smart microparticles based on mussel adhesive protein for site-specific and prolonged drug delivery. Page I Sallent, DI Zeugolis The synergistic effect of topography and substrate rigidity in the development of a collagen scaffold for tendon tissue engineering. Extra-cellular matrix in 3D neural cultures. Page J Maksimcuka, G Poologasundarampillai, PJ Withers, O Tsigkou1 Ionic release from cotton wool-like bioactive glass fibres promotes early onset of mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and mineralization in vitro.

    Page J Fitzgerald, G Shaw, F Barry Identification and validation of a novel immunophenotype for quality assessment in mesenchymal stem manufacturing. Page JQ Coentro, DI Zeugolis Replicating and modulating skin fibrosis in vitro: Multi-compartment collagen devices as dual drug delivery vehicles. Page J Snuggs, A Thorpe, S Partridge, C Sammon, C Le Maitre Differentiation of patient matched adipose and bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells in an injectable hydrogel for intervertebral disc and bone repair.

    Le Visage Controlled release of biological factors for progenitor cell-mediated endogenous repair of intervertebral discs. Page M Carranca, J Sohier Dermal equivalents produced with an innovative elasto-mimetic hydrogel. Page Sericin, alginate and platelet lysate combined in a biomembrane for the treatment of skin ulcers M. Nardini1,2, S. Perteghella3, G. Marubbini3, F. Grillo4,2, L. Mastracci4,2, C.