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Very good post and summary. When I went through the process of applying first for residency then citizenship still waiting to hear after 6 months I had to resort to writing possibly bad poetry to keep my sanity. The question of the oak and do dogs need to wear tags with name of owner or warm coats when going out came up in my test.

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Thank you very much for writing this piece. It needed to be said. I agree with your analysis as I personally was mainly struck about the English — white centric version of history recorded in the book. I have lived in inner city London for 36 years. I had to memorise weird dates and irrelevant anecdotes. My British husband admitted that he did not know the answers to many many test questions.

Not surprisingly perhaps , I have now forgotten all those dates and anecdotes.

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But I have not forgotten the way this episode of my life has made me feel …. A great read. So very true. I arrived here 22 years ago. To round it all, the history part of the Life in the UK booklet keeps speaking about England and belittles the other home countries. I have learnt quite a lot about the legal and political set up of the UK. I was told when the chap handed me my results that this exam was really the reading and writing part of the English language test. What a joke!

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The booklet sounds as pathetic as ever it was. I do care however about the neglect of working class history in our education systems and the public failure to recognise the nature and impact of our colonial past on the colonised and ourselves. How is this comparable?

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  7. Nightingale went to modern day Istanbul, a central Turkish part the Ottoman Empire which was always used interchangeably with the name Turkey in the UK , not just some far flung outpost like Crimea. Maybe you could benefit from reading some Turkish and European history instead. Until when the new state required a formal distinction, also English language scholars required a historical distinction which lead to the contemporary usuage. But even as a pedant you are missing the point: in an official document or history book one should get the official name of a country right, especially if people are being tested on that knowledge.

    I have read many comments and finally did a practice test online. As many have said repeatedly, the questions are not relevant to living in the UK at all. My British husband and his British friends failed the test several times. I urge all British citizens to have a go and pass the test to repledge their allegiance to UK with no exemptions.

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    All I need is a permanent right to stay here as my husband is works and lives here. Paying for a visa every two and half years costs a lot of money nhs,visa,lawyer,Id card and time. Now I will be paying 50 pounds for each test. So I am prepared to spend to pounds to pass this test. Now look at the bigger picture, these visas and tests are all money making business for the government, think how many people take the test daily, think revenue, how much the govt makes from it.

    To make a change we must stand together to make change happen, the old ways of rote learning is frowned upon by schools and education dept so why not change the LIUK test.

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    Make spoken and written English compulsory and basic general living questions, make them relevant. Save my name, e-mail, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. The opinions expressed in the items published here are those of the authors and not Discover Society. D iscover Society Measured — Factual — Critical.

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    Here are some of my findings: First, the book incites a certain British history and identity, and involves convenient exclusions and omissions. Perhaps the citizenship test is trying to teach us British understatement… There is also a lack of racial and cultural awareness, and of working class histories. Given that most information in the book is in fact trivia, it is disappointing to see that the few brief sections where contemporary life in the UK are discussed are frivolous or patronizing: On p. Robert Moore. Jacky O'Callaghan. Marie- Christine. Ipek Demir. Your simulation test format is identical to the actual test, and believe me — that really helps!

    Well done for having one of the most user-friendly, cost-effective LIUK sites! I highly recommend this site to anyone sitting for the test. The test questions are abundant, which prepares you so well for the exam. I love this product, great value for your money. In one week of preparation using this program, I scored a perfect score on the actual exam. September 22, Our program reflects those changes.

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