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The tramway runs every day starting at am, with trams every 4 mins during the day. Service Noctrambus from pm to am. Payment is made directly on the site cell phone and credit card mandatory or on the Internet. The first half-hour of use is free. Rental cannot exceed 24 hours.

Minimum age: Nice has countless surprises in store for visitors… monuments, churches, gardens, footpaths linking the surrounding hills to the city centre, but also museums, artists, local arts and crafts, international gastronomy with the savour of garlic, olive oil and basil, folk traditions… It will also delight you with its beautiful neighbourhoods, unique light and mild climate. In this rectilinear baroque ochre setting, the flower and vegetable markets in the most picturesque market in France are held every day except Monday, when they are replaced by an antiques market, provide a feast for the eyes and a delight for the taste buds.

The wealth of the decoration inside, the originality of its volumes and the murals by Bistolfi make this a genuine gem of Baroque art, with exceptionally rich architecture. Legend has it that he used this to ask his wife to return to prepare lunch. On 19 November , a municipal decree was voted to officialize this reminder of the importance of having the right time. Adorned today with ceramic mosaics with ancient Greek motifs, the terrace offers a splendid panorama over the city and its surroundings.

Since , Tour Bellanda houses the Naval Museum. The former town hall, decorated in the Baroque style, was first built in the 16th century. A statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi stands in the middle of this square that is central to the life of the city. Inspired by early Baroque architectural models from Rome, the structure has a basilical layout; with a triple nave and a transept.

Since , it has been the Town Hall. Inspired by the Cathedral of Angers with its two square towers, it is adorned with 19th-century stained-glass windows and a sumptuous rose window with scenes of the Assumption. On the north side, elegant arcaded buildings are painted with the famous Pompeian red and to the East, there is a splendid perspective on the hills with their Tuscan charm.

This famous seaside road is always elegantly decorated with flowers and follows the harmonious curve of Baie des Anges.

Nice – What to Pack

A listed historic building since , it houses collections retracing five centuries of art history. The rooms and 24 suites each have their own decoration. For complete information and the list of these sites in the Alpes-Maritimes, consult: www. Surrounded by 18th-century buildings in the Genoese style, it is actually named Port Lympia. The architectural complex seems inspired by the Italian Renaissance and influenced by the baroque urban planning of Turin. In the s, it was converted into private flats. The church houses three key works by the gothic painter Louis Brea of Nice and a monumental altarpiece of carved gilded wood.

The marble cross 5. This listed historic building is one of the most important outside Russia. Inspired by the Muscovite style, it has a very richly decorated interior with many icons, murals and carved woodwork as well as an iconostasis of embossed metal. Admission charge. The metre bell tower adorned with twisted flames, the three raised domes and the ellipsoidal porch form a fine architectural complex. The Fort will soon be dedicated to contemporary art. It is in no way surprising that Nice is one of the cities with the most flowers and vegetation in France… In the 19th century, the aristocracy of Europe discovered the French Riviera, settled here and, to enhance the parks surrounding their palaces, imported many trees and other plants from distant lands thanks to the mildness of the climate to satisfy their whims and create amazing landscapes with rare species.

Arbours of greenery surround the vast stretches of lawn with ponds and fountains. It hosts many events in summer. Truly a maze of greenery that has become popular for its cool undergrowth and surprising waterfall, this wonderful place for strolling offers a wonderful viewpoint over Baie des Anges, Old Nice and the Port orientation table. Spectacular lighting at night. The fragrance of a multitude of varieties of flowers fills the air.

At the end of the garden, there is striking vista over the city. This broad stretch of greenery also features several interesting tourist sights: Matisse Museum, the Monastery of Cimiez with its church and cloister, Archaeology Museum and Roman ruins. Along with rare trees, it also features a genuine Russian isba made of fir wood and shipped by sea from Odessa and reassembled on the site. Like several other major landmarks the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, the Fine Arts Museum… , it is a reminder of the presence of Russian aristocrats on the Riviera in the midth century.

From there, it is possible to follow the coastal trail for a short walk, or take the steps built in the hillside to climb to the Mont-Boron district. It has been laid out so that the public can enjoy pretty views of the town and sea. Access: 31 av. Owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral, this Park is the starting point for a botanical trail that leads to the Col de Villefranche-sur-Mer, which is home to dense varied fauna.

The flora benefits from exceptional soil conditions and exposure that further the development of rare species.

This site is home to plant species as well as interesting fauna, including large birds of prey and rare bird species and many mammals. This 3. Certain tropical species are constantly in bloom. What makes its originality lies in the reconstruction of typical Mediterranean landscapes. Open every day. Admission free. Free guided tour by appointment approx 1.

Discover the countryside: pinewoods, vines, olive groves, flowers and vegetables; views over the Baie des Anges, the city and the surrounding countryside. The chalet stands atop artificial rocks structuring a broad waterfall dropping into a perfectly symmetrical pool. This sporty hike through a protected wilderness, on irregular ochre-coloured terrain, along steps cut in the bedrock and wooden footbridges, provides an opportunity to discover the splendours of the coast. It is important to wear hiking shoes, 45 min return trip.

The museum, inaugurated in January , displays collections ranging from the Bronze Age BC to the Middle Ages: ceramics, glass, coins, jewellery, sculptures, tools… Closed Tuesday - Guided tour on Thursday at pm. Dedicated to the history of Nice in the 19th century, the scientific content of the collections is presented with a chronological, historical and themed approach.

Closed Tuesdays. The Museum hosts many temporary exhibitions. Closed Monday - Guided tour on Wednesday at pm, reservation required, minimum of 5 participants. Closed Tuesday - Guided tour on Wednesday at pm. In , it was moved to a sumptuous late 19th-century villa.

French Riviera Guide

Closed Monday - Guided tour on Wednesday at pm, reservation required. Closed Monday - Guided tour at pm on Wednesday and the 1st Sunday of each month. Works from all periods offer a very complete panorama, from his very first paintings made in to the famous gouache cut-outs, drawings, prints and a complete presentation of the books illustrated by the artist. Temporary exhibitions.

Nice France Travel Guide - 18 Things To Do in Nice, France

Closed Tuesday. Closed Monday. Decorated in the Genoese Baroque style, this palatial home has preserved its monumental staircase, murals and luxuriously decorated rooms. It also houses a fine collection of ancient musical instruments retracing much of the history of music. Guided tour on Friday at 3pm.

Practical information | Chagall - Musées nationaux des Alpes maritimes

A word of warning, though: pick your area carefully! You will find extortionate prices in some, such as the Mont Baron. This part of the city is where celebrities choose to live. Elton John famously has a house in this part of the Riviera.

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Consequently, it would be wise to steer clear of it completely, unless you are one of the few who could afford the extremely high prices. A much more reasonable district to move to is that of Fabron. Situated fifteen minutes by car to the west of the city center, it is fairly secluded, safe — because generally devoid of tourists — and ideal for those with families.

It is well served by public transportation and has splendid views of the sea, due to its hillside location. Prices are, however, still on the high side, with plenty of homes sold with attached pool and luxury garden. The Cimiez district, on the other hand, is more of a modern and middle-class suburb. It is a residential neighborhood, located on the hillside above Vieux Nice. It is famous for its Roman antiquities and beautiful old villas and grand houses. Located between these, however, are more affordable modern apartments.

Prices in the Nice real estate market are on the increase, so make sure to shop around between various agents before settling on one, because there is often a great variation between prices! Are you an expat about to start living in Nice? This popular destination offers a lot more than just tourism. The InterN Nice has a thriving economy that seems to be going from strength to strength. Read our guide to working in the city and Want to Relocate? Relocating Abroad? Choose our services. Moving to Tap to see all categories.

Moving to. Living in. Working in. From that time on, the town enjoyed considerable growth and prosperity. It became a fashionable resort, admirably served by the brand new railway.

Nice, Capital of the Côte d'Azur

Today, Nice is the fifth largest city in France with its , inhabitants, very much open to culture and the arts, as well as services, scientific and high-tech activities. Two lines offer regular connections to Corsica: www. Tickets sold on the bus. Allo Tram : a 0 - www. Cannes and Grasse. Today, after set up on the Castle Hill. Cathedral, walkways paved with colourful 20th-century mosaics… Nice is protected.

Adorned today with ceramic Baroque art, with exceptionally rich architecture. Reserve your guided tour of Old Nice online at www. In addition to its opulently largest sanctuary in Old Nice. Today it Place du Palais houses the Bourse du Travail trade union centre. Built from on the site of the former Dominican convent, the Hall of Justice was built according to the very traditional principle of a Church of Saint-Martin-Saint-Augustin colonnade and a great Neoclassical staircase. It was acquired by the City and now Foreign Legion.

A statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi stands in the and a barracks. Since , it has been the Town Hall. The rooms and 24 suites each have their own decoration. This vast area is hotels. It hosts many summer events. For 1 esplanade J. Kennedy Nice owes this route its international standing! Originally a footpath no more convention centres. The Convention Centre offers the best in the www. The church houses three key works by the gothic painter completed essentially in Very popular with all sailors going off to factories that process river cobbles, the Port of Louis Brea of Nice and a monumental altarpiece of carved gilded wood.

The architectural complex seems The Franciscan cross on the square is a copy of the original inside the Place Guynemer inspired by the Italian Renaissance and church dated The marble cross 5. The latest tops literally caressed the sky. Facing Promenade des woodwork as well as an iconostasis of embossed metal.

Admission Anglais and the sea, it stands on the edge of Jardin Albert Ier.