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Generosity gives away some of our advantages to others, not in order to get something in return, but out of sincere care for them, for the sake of goodness itself and out of a sense of our connectedness. In contemporary society, we tend to focus first on a different range of virtues, not so much these particular key heart-virtues. Even conscious people and practitioners, including many spiritual teachers, are much stronger in head-centered virtues.

They may be clear, insightful, brilliant or full of vision. Some are especially strong in virtues associated with the hara , the vital center. They may be powerful, committed, fully present and full of intention. Our world, our communities and our families are most needing our care and loving attention.

This is heart leadership. We are needing to see others show up with genuine courage. We are so grateful when we encounter authentic, disarming generosity.

Courageous Heart

When the law of sacrifice is fulfilled, there's a counter-force to the discouraging, seemingly-inevitable entropy of the machine of selfish commerce. So I am spending time this winter season tuning in to the deep logic of that sacrificial principle, as a student of it. May we all become stronger in our hearts, more able to bring courage and generosity to those around us.

10 hours of Heart Of Courage

PS - If you want to discover how you can open more fully to grace, beauty and power through your heart intelligence, I invite you to download my complimentary one-hour recording, The Heart of Your Heart. The courageous heart is independent of what the other person does and what the other person thinks of you.

To have a courageous heart, you need to accept a certain kind of aloneness, a certain kind of independence. With the courageous heart, you are so independent that the person can do all kinds of unpleasant things but you can still see the reality. Pure heart is what I also call the courageous heart. The courageous heart does not eliminate love when there is hatred and does not try to choose one thing above another. The pure heart is open to the presentations of Being regardless of what they are.

It is happy to be with whatever God wills, and it asserts no position. The attitude of purity is the attitude of no assertion. You are absolutely poor. You never close the door. You are open not because you are uncertain, but because it is not possible to assert this or that about reality in some absolute way.

And also there is no need or urge to assert this or that view. The fact is that the moment you close your heart, you are the one who loses. If you give in to your heart, it does not mean that you are giving in to the other person. It does not mean you are giving in to negativity. You are giving in to your nature.

You are surrendering to who you are. To be always loving does not mean that you do not defend yourself. The courageous heart perceives and acknowledges what is there—good or bad. It does not pretend that there is no negativity. It perceives the negativity and deals with it with love.

So to continue to be loving does not mean that you are weak. It does not mean that you are going to be dominated by someone. In fact, to have a courageous heart means you are able to be inwardly alone and independent. There is no true autonomy without a courageous heart. And there is no courageous heart without true autonomy.

Keys to Leadership- A Heart, A Brain and Courage

To have a courageous heart means to continue loving in spite of the situation, which means your heart is really autonomous. You have achieved the aloneness of the heart. It does not mean you are weak or relinquishing anything. It does not mean you are being exploited.

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It does not mean you are a dupe. No, you are being courageous. A person who does not have a heart cannot hate, cannot be angry, cannot be hurt, cannot be jealous. Without love there is no such thing as jealousy, hurt, fear, hatred, or anger. All of these things are reactions to the absence of love, to the blockage of it, to the non-perceiving of it. To be aware of the real relationship means that there is always awareness of love. This never goes, in any relationship.

There is always the lovingness, and love has understanding in it. Love has forgiveness and acceptance in it.

Following the heart

Love has compassion, appreciation, pleasure, happiness, strength, and gratitude. All these are elements of love, and it is there all the time; it is part of our nature.

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The courageous heart is the heart that is always present, regardless of what happens. If your heart is present only if good things happen, your heart is not yet free, not actualized.

Living with a Courageous Heart - Quest for Meaning

You are still a coward, still afraid. You have a heart, but not yet a courageous heart. So to have a true relationship, a real relationship, means to manifest the courageous heart. Now a courageous heart is a heart willing to love regardless of the negativity. The courageous heart is the heart that will love in spite of the badness that is there. The courageous heart is not just the heart that only loves and nothing else; it is the heart that loves regardless of what happens. The courageous heart is the heart of unconditional love: whether the other is good or bad, you continue loving them.

Usually, with your friend or your spouse it is easy for you to be loving if the other is loving. But if the other is frustrating or mad, angry or rejecting, right away you shift, and close your love and bring in another reaction. You are hurt, you are angry, hateful, or frustrated, and if you are angry, frustrated, or hurt, you do not let yourself feel your love, at least not at the time of your initial reaction. What splitting does, more than anything else, is close the heart. Whether you are all bad or all good, whether you are all loving or all hateful, what you are doing more than anything else is covering up your courageous heart.

You are not allowing yourself to have your courageous heart, to be your courageous heart. You are not allowing your love to be unconditional. Your love becomes conditional. You respond lovingly only under certain conditions, or with certain manifestations of the other.

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To manifest the courageous heart means to continue loving regardless of the situation. It does not mean seeing or not seeing the situation.

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  • The moment you make the situation all wonderful, all positive, with no negativity, no difficulty, no frustration, the courageous heart is no longer present. It is an idealized relationship. It is a mental, unreal relationship.